Damaged and Leaking Gutters - Spotting the signs of faulty finlock / concrete guttering.

If your finlock/concrete gutters fail or become damaged, this can cause damp patches that may spread inside your home.

The first signs of problems can include leaking gutters, as well as drips and damp patches underneath the gutters. If left untreated, white patches may also form, indicating that the gutters need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Tell-Tale Signs of Faulty Guttering

Water leaking through concrete guttering, here is an image showing cracks formed inside guttering into wall areas.
Damp patches and mildew on interior walls can be a clear sign of failing gutters.
Flaking paint, rotting woodwork and damp walls particularly high up around the gutter areas can mean that you have leaking gutters. 
Ill-fitting downpipes, poor sealant joints, and broken guttering are not only visually unattractive but can also contribute to unseen damage to walls or roof areas of your home.

Do not ignore damaged or leaking gutters, we would advise you to act fast before it gets worse. 

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