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Thank you for the splendid job you did replacing my concrete gutters. The end result looks magnificent.

The two guys who did the job are a credit to your company they arrived on time worked non stop kept the site clean and clear and at the end of the job left my house work area spotless.

The whole process from enquiry to completion was seamless and the price was also very reasonable compared to other quotes received.

To anyone considering having work done and reading this I cannot recommend this company higher than 10/10 don't look anywhere else.

Larry Gearing, Leamington Spa

If your finlock/concrete gutters fail or become damaged, this can cause damp patches that may spread inside your home. The first signs of problems with concrete gutters include drips, leaks and damp patches underneath the gutters. If left untreated, white patches may also form, indicating that the gutters need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Step By Step Guide

Step 1

concrete gutteringThe installation team will set up the most suitable access system in accordance with Health and Safety guidelines. All access equipment is owned by Rutilus which allows us to keep our prices low as we do not need to hire scaffold.

Any cables or satellite dishes will be considered and carefully looked after during installation.

Don’t let failing concrete gutters reduce the value of your home!

Step 2

concrete gutteringThe installers will assess the condition of the existing guttering and the roof felt before commencing with any work. They will also remove any existing lining that is present in the gutters and clear our any debris.

Lead or aluminium liners can (if requested) be left with the customer as they do have a reasonable scrap value.

We have over 15 years’ experience replacing concrete guttering!

Step 3

concrete gutteringThe installers will adjust the bottom section of roof tiles, enabling them to cut away the concrete (one block at a time) using a 12 inch steel blade.

Each block is then carefully removed from the access system and placed in a waste removal system (skip or Hippo Bag).

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Step 4

concrete guttering Once the concrete is cut smooth, a treated timber board is installed. This is an essential part of the work as it helps to insulate and allow for a better connection for the UPVC fascia and guttering.

The timber will allow the fascia board to be fitted completely straight and prevent any warping of the UPVC fascia. This board will also protect the remaining concrete from getting damaged during installation.

Nationwide fitters covering the whole of the UK

Step 5

concrete guttering A soffit is then installed on the underside of the guttering so as to hide any remaining finlock gutter that would otherwise have been visible.

A starter trim is used to attach the soffit to the wall of the house, meaning that it will stay secure and looking good in the future and not fall away or sag.

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Step 6

concrete guttering The installers will use zinc plated Consert screws to attach the fascia board. These screws will not rust or deteriorate in any way. The gutter clips are then used to hide all screws used to attach the fascia board, making for a more aesthetic finish. The guttering angle is set to manufacturer guidelines so as to ensure there are no drainage issues in the future.

We are registered Freefoam installers, using only the best quality materials to ensure that the installation will look as good in 20 years as it does the day it's fitted.

We only use the best materials - guaranteed up to 50 years!

Step 7

concrete guttering The installation team will now turn their attention to the roof, making sure that any damaged felt along the roof line is either replaced or has an EPS (Eaves Protection System) tray installed.

These eaves trays are installed under the existing felt along the roofline and will prevent any water getting into the property. Our teams will also perform a quality check on the roof and report back to the customer.

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Step 8

concrete guttering As most properties with the finlock gutters are semi-detached, we need a system which allows us to link the new UPVC guttering with the old concrete ones. A joining plate is custom made on site which allows water to traverse between the two guttering systems.

This means that any property can benefit from having this work done as the location of shared downpipes is not relevant.

Don’t just take our word for it

Step 9

concrete guttering Once the installation is complete, the installation team will brush down and clean all windows and brush and wash the brickwork and make sure that all debris is swept up and placed in either a skip or a Hippo Bag (depending on access to the property).

The installers will also perform a final check on all of the work and ensure that all roof tiles have been put back to their original position. Any asbestos found will be bagged and sealed according to Health and Safety Guidelines and will be left for the customer to dispose of at their local tip or similar .   Hippo Waste and Skip companies will not take Asbestos.

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